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ELEON aka Michael L. Rogers is an award winning electronic composer, sound designer and music producer. Changing the face of electronic music with what can only be described as chill-step groove, ELEON continues to bring his listeners, styles of ambient textures and cinematic soundtrack themes, mixed with rich exotic grooves that sometimes have elements of 70s & 80s retro. While he’s been creating music from far back as the 1980s, it wasn’t until 2018, he went public with his first debut “Dreams Beyond Terra” which was co-produced with David Helpling.

Since then, Michael has released over 20 albums from singles, EPs and full releases; as well as other music projects. He won the 2019 ZMR Award for “Best Electronic Album Of The Year” with “Flight Lounge” and was in the running for four Grammy nominations.

Now under the Wayfarer family label, ELEON is bringing fans new and exciting music that will continue taking them to fresh uncharted worlds and realms only waiting to be imagined.